Addiction, Drug Use, and Treatment

The issue of houselessness touches upon the wraparound support that the County provides. A challenge is that if someone moves into housing without services that is a setup for failure. So, we also have to provide support while providing housing. Here are some articles below discussing this issue.

I have also been suggesting that we get Oregon-grown cannabis into the hands of those using meth, heroin, and fentanyl – as a way to interrupt the more deadly drugs with something that is not addictive, is readily available, and may work to stem the number of deaths and hospitalizations we’re experiencing on our streets. Here’s an article about cannabis helping with opioid addiction. We might also consider using psylocibin and the thousands of people getting trained in the use of mushrooms for treatment to help our houseless and addicted populations.

4.15.23 – National news on fentanyl by Heather Cox Richardson.

3.29.23 – News from the County about houselessness and service from Diane Rosenbaum who currently holds the District 3 seat.

3.15.23 – WWeek (and there are a few important articles in this issue on this topic) State Inaction Left Oregon Teens Vulnerable to Fentanyl’s Lethal Spread

2.16.23 – The Seattle Times: Substances fuel record homeless deaths in Portland

2.12.23 – O: Opinion: Oregon must confront addictions as an integral part of its homelessness strategy

January 2023 – M110 Audit Recommendations