We have a gun problem in the United States. The main fault of this is Republicans and the NRA working together to prevent anything from changing. That has led to the problem we are facing locally. We need to get guns out of our society and if elected I will continue to advocate for this as I have been for many years.

  1. We should follow Washington State’s lead and immediately ban all assault weapons
  2. Let’s stop hosting gun shows in the region
  3. Let’s work to close all gun stores in our region
  4. I would initiate a buy-back program in the region for anyone who would like $ for their guns
  5. We should have an annual check-up for gun owners – just a quick check-in to see if all is well with the gun owner to make sure we catch instances where it is no longer safe for the person to own a gun. This should probably be instigated for vehicle owners as well.

3.23.23 – Looks like the number of gun deaths is down this year so far. That’s a good sign, but this is a major problem society-wide. We must reduce the # of guns in our communities by any means possible. And legislate to remove them completely. I am not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment as people are interpreting it.