Phil Busse for Mayor’s Top 100

This is from Phil Busse’s run for Portland Mayor in 2004. I found it via’s Wayback machine. Here’s that link. And, here’s the list – I’d like to create something like this for this race in 2023. I can think of 10 easily. 100? That’s going to take some thinking. Add your ideas in the comments section, please.

100 is our lucky number. The “me for mayor” campaign has capped donations at $100. Phil also has promised to give away $100 a day—including weekends—from his mayoral salary to a needy person or organization every day he is in office. Also, for the past several months, we have asked for suggestions and have noted those in our “Big Book of Complaints.” These 100 ideas are derived from talking with citizens, looking at other cities and brainstorming sessions. They are our 100 ideas, programs and projects to start our first 100 days as your mayor.

1. A citizen oversight committee with full investigative powers for police shootings and in-custody deaths 2. Repeal sit-lie ordinance 3. End mayoral chauffeur service 4. Hold monthly Mayoral Brownbag Lunch in Pioneer Square 5. Give $100 from mayor’s salary to Sisters of the Road 6. Renew Housing Investment Fund 7. Accelerate affordable housing development in North Macadam 8. Use city lobbyists to encourage state law legalizing same-sex marriages 9. Equal Benefits Ordinance 10. Reschedule city council meetings to allow more citizen participation 11. On occasion, relocate city council meetings to neighborhood centers 12. Mayoral and Commissioner home dinners to improve city hall camaraderie 13. Give $100 to Oregon Heat 14. Adopt 10-year plan to end homelessness 15. Give $100 to Oregon Food Bank 16. Set new zoning ordinance to accommodate Dignity Village 17. A public boathouse at the Holman building with sailing lessons for PPS 18. Skateparks 19. Summer movie series in Pioneer Square 20. Develop artists’ business incubator 21. Improve film production incentives 22. DVD-ROM promoting local fashion designers 23. Hold local rock concerts in city parks 24. Art and theatre complex north of Fremont Bridge 25. Give $100 to Write Around Portland 26. Aggressively pursue cleanup of the Willamette River 27. Develop Ross Island Bird Sanctuary 28. Educational facility for PPS on Ross Island 29. Finish cleanup of McCormick & Baxter site 30. Work with neighborhood organizations to plan for recreational park at McCormick & Baxter site 31. Two-stroke boat motor exchange (for electric engines) 32. Restrict jet ski use on Willamette River 33. Examine and eliminate use of pesticides in city parks 34. Give $100 to Friends of Trees 35. Save the Reservoirs 36. Form sports committee from local experts and merchandise companies to attract national and international level sporting events to Portland 37. Host week-long international bike race in Willamette Valley 38. Develop Portland Memorial Coliseum Athletic Complex 39. Offer free memberships to the Memorial Athletic Complex for Portland Public Schools (PPS) students 40. Open design contest for coliseum conversion to local architects 41. Small Business Grant Initiative 42. Train small business development case managers 43. Give Earth Day awards for sustainable businesses and practices 44. Award points for sustainability in city contracting 45. Begin alternative fuel bus pilot project 46. Tax incentives for businesses with more than 25% bicycle commuters 47. First dibs on unclaimed bikes go to bike non-profits 48. More bike lanes 49. Plant more trees 50. City Health Plan 51. Give $100 to NARAL 52. Local CEO mentors for PPS 53. Hold Gang Peace Summits (without police) 54. Support all-age venues 55. More “bar time” bus service to reduce DUII drivers 56. Re-evaluate funding priorities and rules for Children’s Fund 57. Establish drug and alcohol counseling outreach for street youth 58. Create city-supported sport and art rehab programs for youth substance abusers 59. More bike police 60. More foot patrols (get police out of squad cars!) 61. Half-day community service work for police officers each month 62. Help empower Old Town residents and businesses to reduce crime 63. Annual citywide citizen preparedness training 64. Free downtown parking on Saturdays during December 65. Free Motorcycle and Scooter Parking Downtown 66. Give $100 to streetroots 67. Revamp police protest training 68. Review police taser use 69. Mandatory police reports at every drawn gun 70. Reduce use of pepper spray, rubber bullets, and stun guns 71. Joint Terrorism Task Force oversight credentials for mayor and police chief 72. Collect on the “Cheney Invoice” 73. Reinstate and redefine Metropolitan Human Rights Commission 74. Repeal the poster ban 75. Restore mural rights to Portland artists 76. Give $100 to ORLO 77. Low-priority marijuana offense prosecution 78. Mandatory drug evaluation and counseling for hard drug offenders 79. Re-open Laurelhurst dog poisoning case 80. Increase doggy poop bag distribution at parks 81. Quarterly citywide neighborhood cleanups 82. Outfit every city street trash bin with recycling slots 83. Review waste removal contracting process 84. All new city vehicle purchases will be hybrids when appropriate 85. Free and secure Wi-Fi hubs at all city buildings 86. Permit the submittal of all city citations, forms and applications online 87. Post and track citizen complaints on “portlandonline” 88. City literature and forms available in Spanish, Vietnamese and Russian 89. Develop Minority Advisory Board 90. Create a high school governmental advisory committee 91. Give unused city computers and A/V equipment to PPS 92. Push campaign finance reform 93. City-sponsored non-profit mixers 94. Sister City artists swap 95. Cooperative economic development plan incorporating region 96. Farmers market in new PGE park 97. Create eco-roofs on any possible city buildings 98. Portland-based summit of all Oregon mayors to establish greater statewide cooperation on ports, tourism, commerce and waterway cleanups 99. Establish Center for Social Change 100. You tell us!