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Friends/Community Members

Bob CallahanFriendGO FOR IT You would be great!!!
Jo TakimbaDJ, Silent DiscoAlbert is very in tune with current affairs and would be a great fit
Judy WaltonFriend
Yehudah Alan WinterCompassionate Listening OregonI’ve known Albert for many years and he is dedicated to fairness and sensible governing.
Dr. Alexander KainFriend, BandmateExcellent values!
Joanna MishagaMusicianAlbert Kaufman is a mover and a shaker! He gets things done in the community and is always on top of important environmental issues.
Inger EastonCohousing.org; home Healthcare; supporter of the environment ( 350.org)Albert is truly dedicated to the social and physical environment in Portland. He is an excellent networker and works enthusiastically with neighbors and local residents to make things work better. He cares.
Jeffrey CohenFriend, past clientI have been encouraging Albert to run for public office for about fifteen years. Albert’s dedication to the issues important to Portland can not be called into question; he not only is well versed in what Portland and the Metro area need for improved quality of life, but Albert also gives encouragement to everyone to be all that they can be! I know Albert will make an excellent Commissioner; he will listen to what is important and has the ability to take action to improve the quality of life for us all!
Mona NicholsonRetired Teacher/PrincipalAlbert Kaufman is an upstanding advocate for peace and justice. He is helpful to others in any way he can. Albert is conscientious, kind, and a “get ‘er done” kind of man.
Judy LeaEducatorFor as long as I’ve known him, Albert Kaufman has been an astutely aware, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged citizen in local politics, policies, and actions, as well as on a global scale. He cares deeply for the citizens of his locale as well as the citizens of the planet and does his due diligence to look for and implement workable solutions to the problems that exist, using forward, objective thinking and excellent communication. I highly recommend him as a candidate!
Jewel MlnarikI love the idea of someone who’s been active in the community prior to running for an office, being in office. For as long as I’ve known Albert through his myriad newsletters and participation in songwriter circles, I’ve known him to always lead with respect, heart, and open curiosity—which is what we need.
Hugo BenitezI met Albert through WDS 2022. He is a caring person ready to listen and share ideas with a wonderful disposition to serve his community.
Don BellairsRetired School TeacherAlbert is an altruist who loves the concept of community. He is made to be a public servant.
Linda SebringAlbert has great ideas and he will be a great county commissioner.
Curtis HeinoldAlbert is a stand-up guy who will bring a solid work ethic and sound judgment to the office of commissioner.
Michael HallAlbert will be an outstanding County Commissioner!
Jon WoodAlbert is a community activist for peace, justice, and trees and for managing and minimizing the effects of climate change on life and the Earth. He also is an entertaining folk singer and guitarist. Albert is an asset in our community and will provide compassionate and thoughtful solutions to our challenges. He is an ethical person with a positive outlook.
Lisa WhitelandWDSAlbert cares about others, so I’m sure he will do a great job!
Eric KoszykMultnomah County DemocratsIn the almost 20 years that I’ve known Albert Kaufman, I’ve been amazed at his energy, compassion, and activism, especially on matters concerning the environment. He’s also a strong advocate for the working class and for the importance of art and culture in people’s everyday lives. I enthusiastically endorse him in the upcoming election.
Lori SteinHP: Universal Escalations AgentAlbert Kaufman is dedicated to the betterment of his community and his work speaks for itself. He’s spearheaded many community-based projects and has taken numerous individual actions that walk his talk. His integrity is unmatched and his hard work backs it up. I don’t live in his district but I feel so strongly about his eligibility for this position I would move just to vote for him.
Nancy LynnePower of Now, CounselorAlbert has been a public servant for years. He has held meetings to encourage voting, dialog, and understanding of the issues and candidates. His sincerity is refreshing and powerful. Exactly what is needed.
Michelle BeckaEducatorAlbert is a charismatic and wise human and cares a lot about the community.
Stacy MurphyCitizen, Retired TeacherI’ve known Albert Kaufman for 20 years. He’s a committed community organizer. I’m confident he will serve the citizens of SE Portland with vigor and intelligence.
Gwenn CodyFriendAlbert has decades of experience involving himself in local politics and he’s one of the main people I turn to for educated and balanced perspectives on current local issues. His commitment to environmental stewardship at a personal and local level is inspiring and creative. I believe he would be a very positive contributor to the County and the electorate.
Shams CohenHospice Chaplain & friendAlbert has been a vital part of Portland communities and “tribes” to which I have belonged. He has amazing, creative ideas that catch on throughout Portland and beyond. Ideas like Freecycle, Buy Nothing, Farm My Yard, and banning gas-powered leaf blowers have caught on where I now live in California as well. I have done many sing-alongs with Albert. I have actually never attended an event where his presence did not both enliven and improve. He’s a great, reliable, intelligent, and trustworthy guy!
Richard WeberTree advocateAlbert Kaufman cares deeply for the quality of life of all living things in Portland. He’s always been passionate about working to improve our community and would be a great choice for the Multnomah County Commission.
Peter WillisSmall Business OwnerAlbert has been active in our community for as long as I’ve known him. He inspires others to get involved in a multitude of ways. He would be a great commissioner.
Bruce BartlettFood System ActivistAlbert Kaufman is an extraordinary person, engaging progressive communities of people in uplifting activities. A real team player, he promotes the Common Good in his newsletter outreach, encouraging his readers to get involved and make a difference. I support his vision of an interconnected, neighborly world where we take care of each other.
Matt FridayFriendKnowing Albert as a wise and richly insightful man, staunchly pro-environment, and a fellow creative, it is my belief that his voice, experience, and leadership represent the forward vision that the Multnomah electorate needs and should have.
Elie ColeFriendAlbert is a lover of people, the planet, and creating community. He dedicates his life, time, and energy to making the world a better place and that’s the kind of person who should be in leadership. He’s not interested in power or money so I totally trust Albert to make decisions based on integrity and the good of the whole.
Deborah HydeNeighbor, FollowerI’ve been following Albert for many years and strongly recommend him for public office. He cares about his community, stands up for livability issues, and is a champion for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I happily endorse Albert Kaufman for county commissioner district #3.
Cynthia AdamsIt’s time Albert served his community on an official level. He has been helping communities and causes unofficially all his life! He is passionate about serving the community, and beyond!
Levi WinklerRejuvenation Floor & DesignAlbert strives to improve Portland 24/7
Iara SapoznikowFriendAlbert is extremely community-oriented and is always thinking of ways to improve community life. He is an outside-the-box thinker, as well as a calm and jovial team player. He will make an excellent asset to the county government!
Cathy Lee ZheutlinSpiritual Life CoordinatorAlbert is already doing similar work and would make a great commissioner. We need people like Albert, full of integrity, who care about the common good in government.
Eric Fair-LaymanBody Reconnect LLCAlbert lives to make the world better. He is always involved with do-gooder activities. And he’s not just making changes on the individual level, he works on the level of community. Whether he’s having a voting party or helping organize gatherings, or just even playing music and spreading goodwill, I see him as a change maker. Our city would benefit greatly from having a person like him in office.
Brenda SiragusaFriend
Lauren MosmanLuLUV HealingGlad to see Albert go toward this avenue where he can make a meaningful impact on the topics of public interest he so clearly purports. He is the definition of commitment to good values!
Dave WheitnerSE Portland resident, FriendEver since I’ve known Albert, he has been passionate about a range of issues affecting the quality of life in the Portland region. He’s great at building awareness, an important step in gaining the support needed to create meaningful change. I’m glad to see him running for a local office.
Sue BarnhartFriendI’ve known Albert for over 25 years. He is a community treasure. Albert has impeccable values, works well with others, and will be a wonderful county commissioner.
V. SimonFriendI have known Albert for many years. He is a conscientious individual who can be counted on to be a good listener and to provide action on the issues.
Eric ArthurTai chi teacher and small business ownerThings that stand out to me about Albert are that he is a consistent person and has a quickness of mind. A great combination of reliability and creativity.
Alicia Katz Pollockroyalwise.comI have known Albert for many years from his work with Constant Contact, Farm My Yard, and his voting parties. He has always been a big believer in shared knowledge, sustainability, and civic duty. I am thrilled that he’s stepping up to run for office. He will do an excellent job at crafting legislation that makes life better for everyone and doing it in a way where there are no winners and losers with each decision.
Michael DonnellyGaian ActivistI’ve known Albert for years. He is a smart, good-hearted guy who cares about what regular citizens care about. He’s not in it for power or self-promotion. Albert likes the nitty gritty of working on the local, front porch, urban, and rural community issues and has a good history/understanding of such. He will be a great Public Servant, working tirelessly for the citizens of Multnomah County.
Emma CornellCounselorI’ve known Albert Kaufman for years, and he has always been an advocate for community. Albert is clear, open-minded, & respectful. He will listen to all and truly represent the people of Multnomah County District #3. A vote for Albert Kaufman is a vote for a vibrant city!
Rusty FerrelAloveAndHealingNow.orgI am pleased to endorse Albert for Multnomah County Commissioner! He has a unique ability to explore issues and communicate his findings to community members, especially in the realm of politics. He is well-known for his thoughtful analysis of complex political issues, and his ability to explain them in a clear and concise manner. I believe Albert will be a valuable asset to the council, using his skills to research and communicate effectively on behalf of the community. I highly recommend Albert for this role and encourage others to support his candidacy.
As “they” say… you won’t regret it.
Sarah BrooksVoice TeacherAlbert is a fantastic networker who really cares about inspiring and uplifting people to be their best selves! His passion and hard work for community involvement, social justice, and tending to our environment are outstanding!
Nancy MogielnickiAlbert is a champion for many, many causes that affect public health, the environment, and the quality of life for all of us. From the noise and pollution of gas leaf blowers to the significance of trees in our lives and many issues in between, he promotes the things that can make a difference. It would be great for him to have a platform from which to do his good work.


Michael Plath

USArchive & Imaging Services, Inc.I have known and worked with Albert for over 10 years. He has been helpful as a consultant to our business as well as informative for me on community issues outside of business. Although I don’t live in or vote in the County that Albert would be representing, I know him personally to be an upstanding, honest, and trustworthy person that cares deeply about the community he lives in.
William HodgsonThe Mighty Manatees (Band)Albert Kaufman is a warm, hard-working, socially conscious citizen who would be an asset to the community.
Steve BennettRetired business ownerI’ve known Albert Kaufman for around 30 years. I do not know anyone who is more of an activist trying to make our city better.
Jacqueline L. Babicky-PetersonOwner, Better, Smarter, Richer LLCI have known Albert for quite a few years. He is a neighborhood activist and an organizer at heart. He sees something that needs fixing and he gathers neighbors and friends, develops a plan, and implements a change. He is enthusiastic, practical, tech-savvy, and an active citizen.
Lloyd NicholsonMassage Therapist
Amy JohnsonDoctorAlbert is a force of energy. We would all be better off if Albert joined our county commission.
Elizabeth LavenueElizabeth Lavenue Sound Healing and Vocal MinistryAs a longtime friend of Albert, I would like to send a heartfelt endorsement of his impeccable character, highest integrity, deep passion for this work, and ability to create community, wherever he goes. Albert is an inspiration to me and so many others. He is the right person for the job!
Eecole CopenSustainable Food Programs CoordinatorAlbert has been one of the most consistently involved activists I know. He is politically savvy while having his values and heart centered on the health of people and the environment. I would be totally excited for him to help lead Portland in a direction that would focus on the well-being of its citizens.
Kim Gordon CumboHeartWiseHealingPathsAlbert is a committed advocate who is active in creating a better world through his work and commitment to the environment, helping small businesses, providing music and fun through videos, and newsletters, and how respectfully he treats others. I heartily endorse Albert Kaufman.
Sarah BrooksVoice TeacherYES, Albert Kaufman would be a perfect fit for the Multnomah County Commission District #3. Please consider him seriously! I HIGHLY recommend Albert Kaufman!!
Gloria BradfordRenewal by RyahI am confident that Albert Kaufman has the skill, passion, and know-how to do an excellent job as county commissioner for Multnomah County. He is a man of integrity as well as an excellent communicator.
Eileen StarkAuthor, landscape designer, photographerI enthusiastically endorse Albert Kaufman for Multnomah County Commission, District 3. He is competent, loyal, and an excellent communicator. His dedication and willingness to lead are inspiring. I believe that we can rely on him to make impartial, ethical decisions that will benefit our community, the local environment, and the planet.
Brooke Bachelor, DOFamily physicianAlbert Kaufman is exactly the kind of person we need at the table where decisions are made. I am inspired by how he consistently takes action to make necessary changes and effortlessly moves others to do the same. As a physician working to improve the health of our community, I see the importance and positive impact of the work he already does to protect our urban trees and environment. I wholeheartedly support Albert Kaufman for Multnomah County Commissioner for District 3!
Paul LevyAuthor, Friend
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Quiet Clean PDX
Michael DonnellyYarrow Land TrustAlbert will represent the citizenry and our habitat first!
Joan LevineCompassionate Listening OregonAlbert Kaufman will make a stellar County Commissioner! He has been involved in Portland life and politics for 20 years. I am sure he will greatly contribute to helping Portland deal with our major issues. Currently, it’s houselessness and reviving our community. He will bring fresh ideas and is a team player- so will work well with other Commissioners. Yes! Let’s elect Albert for this position!
Dorothy L. DahlsrudOregon City Parks Foundation and a state holder of the Tree Hero 2021 AwardA true believer in the necessity of tall, old-growth, urban canopy to save our environment and our raptor birds. Tall trees are essential.
Michael VasquezNAACPIt is important to have a candidate that prioritizes food security through local farming and gardening efforts.
Bittin DugganGrowing Through ItAlbert is an educated, intelligent, and inspiring agent for positive change. You will be fortunate to have him serving as a County Commissioner.
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