Donations – No Thanks!

This is a special election. The time frame for the election is so short that I believe I will not need financial donations. I could be wrong! But for now, if you’re feeling generous, please consider donating to Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette or Neighbors for Clean Air. You’re welcome to endorse my candidacy, though – and tell a friend! And – Please Vote for me if you live in District #3.

The influence of money in politics is now known. It’s probably why we’ve ended up with the Supreme Court that’s upending our society and is causing problems all throughout our political system. This race is a perfect example of one where we could do without political donations. If we shortened the time period for our elections like in other countries, we could do without the constant fundraising that is a part of political campaigning today. I would encourage all candidates in this race and upcoming ones to consider not taking donations. There are plenty of ways to get our messages out to the voters without taking a cent from our friends and supporters. There are also lots of things that supporters can do for campaigns – such as:

  1. Telling friends about a candidate you like
  2. Sharing their social media posts
  3. Forwarding newsletters along
  4. Creating postcards for one’s neighbor

I hope that my campaign sets an example for other current and future candidates that we do not need a lot of money to campaign in Portland.

District 3 Boundaries