1. The City Repair Project – this group has inspired me since I landed in Portland in 2002. With all sorts of great ideas about how to bring people together and do good work – it’s why we have all the nifty intersection repairs (paintings); cob benches; community gardens and so much more. Every year there’s an event called Village Building Convergence. I served as media support for that for a couple of years. I also helped paint many an intersection! This group does incredible work and makes Portland better every day!
  2. KMHD – this is our local community Jazz station – 89.1 on your FM dial or streaming at kmhd.org. I’ve believed that this is the best radio station that has ever existed. I continuously learn new things about jazz and other types of music. The DJs are incredible and full of heart. I’m also a big fan of KBOO, All-Classical FM, and Radio Paradise!
  3. Quiet Clean PDX – this is the group that is working to eliminate/reduce/ban gas-powered leaf blowers (and other gas-powered lawn tools) in our community. I’ve been working with the others in this group for the past 6 years to make our community quieter and less polluted.
  4. Depave! I remember being asked to come to join the Depave board when it was first started. I got a free t-shirt. That led to one of the first big projects – a depaving of the lot next to the Waypost in NE Portland. It was a great day full of removing asphalt and building community. Since that time the organization has grown and now has a depaving somewhere in town just about every weekend of the year. My first depaving project was in Seattle in the late 90s – there’s really nothing like removing asphalt to bring a smile to your face.
  5. Portland Botanical Gardens – This is an organization that is new to me, but I am hoping they pull off what they have planned. I’m excited every time I hear about the plan to turn a golf course into a garden.
  6. S.A.G.E. – “We inspire people over fifty to give forward with their time, money, and voice so that. younger and future generations can thrive. Together, we believe 1. Each generation can improve the quality of life for the next. 2. We need each other, and together we are stronger. 3. Everyone can give forward so future generations can thrive.” – it starts by meeting one of the leaders and then you will be hooked and a lifelong supporter!
  7. Mr. Money Mustache. Really a must for everyone who wants to live a big life. Encouragement to repair your stuff vs. buying new and so much more. Not a Portlander, but might as well be. Sign up for his newsletter – you’ll be glad you did.